Month: December 2017

My Kid Wants To Be A Serial Killer

My Monster is a contrarian. No matter what you say, she’ll say the opposite. Tell her she likes fruit snacks? Nope. She hates them. Tell her it’s cold? Nope. She’s hot. I should have considered that a few weeks ago, when we were out on a family trip to see some Christmas lights. Stopped at

My Dad Goals for 2018

So, it’s that time of year again. We’re leaving 2017 and entering 2018. This time of year, I always start thinking of goals I want to set, but I don’t really like the term “New Year’s resolution.” I have a horrible track record of making them and giving up on them quickly. This year, though,

Surprise, Instant Family!

I didn’t really expect to end up a family man. I’d always been somewhat ambivalent about raising kids. I knew I didn’t want biological children — my family has enough inheritable health issues I didn’t want to pass on, and I’ve never felt a biological imperative to pass on my genetics. I’d talked about adopting