7 Lessons I Want My Kids To Learn About Mental Health

Mental health awareness and outreach is a cause that’s really important to me. I have a sibling with intellectual disability. I’ve struggled with depression and panic attacks. I’ve lost friends to suicide, and seen them struggle with eating disorders, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Now that I have kids, I’ve been thinking of mental health in

Huge Weight Loss At The Beginning of a Diet

It’s been one week since I started Operation: Fat Dad Slim, my weight loss project for 2018. It’s really been a great week. I had lots of fun time with Angela and the kids this weekend. This blog is exceeding all of my expectations (we had our first day topping 100 daily views yesterday, and

11 Tips To Get Picky Preschoolers To Eat Dinner

Baby and Monster are at that age where dinnertime is always a surprise. Sometimes they’ll scarf down everything in front of them. Other days, they’ll whine and complain and throw tantrums and do everything possible to wiggle their way out of eating their dinner, especially if we’re trying something new. Getting my picky preschoolers to