The Ultimate Guide To Free Coloring Pages For Kids

Looking for free coloring pages?

If your kids are anything like mine, they absolutely love to color. Baby and Monster are constantly covered in paint, markers, and our kitchen table is usually covered in crumbled crayon bits and pulverized color pencil. While coloring books aren’t terribly expensive, they add up if you’re on a budget, and sometimes you just want to grab something quick to entertain the kids for a while.

Thankfully, the Internet is a bountiful resource of free kid’s coloring pages. I did the hard work for you and slogged through 16 pages of Google results to bring you this list of free resources for children’s coloring sheets.

Crayola Free Coloring Pages

Uni-kitty coloring page from Crayola

Crayola has a lot of cute free coloring pages, including pages featuring characters from popular franchises like Star Wars, Finding Dory, Trolls, Shopkins, and Rainbow Brite. They even have an adult coloring books section so Mom & Dad can have something to color along with the kids. has a huge collection of free coloring pages in several categories, including Pokemon coloring pages, Spiderman, and sports coloring pages like Hockey and Football. They also have a sizable section of Christian-themed coloring pages, but sadly none rooted in other religions. They also have a people with disabilities category. The quality of their coloring pages isn’t quite as crisp as Crayola, but they make up for it with such a variety of topics.

Sign Language coloring page from

Free Coloring Pages

Free Coloring Pages has a smaller collection than the two sites mentioned above, but they’ve got some really great educational pages, like this collection of printable space coloring pages and this collection of American president coloring pages.

Shape Shuttle coloring page from Free Coloring Pages

While you’re there, be sure to check out their nature collections too — they’ve got some amazing dinosaur and bird coloring pages.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price has a great collection of printable coloring pages. Many of their pages are designed for younger kids, with more simple shapes and less complex imagery. They don’t have much in the way of character-themed coloring pages, but they do have a nice little collection of pages for special events like “Birthdays,” “Get Well Soon,” and “Thank You.”

Little People® Building a Snowman from Fisher Price

Hello Kids

Hello Kids has a massive collection of free printable coloring pages. Their Barbie coloring pages set is one of the biggest ones I’ve seen, and they’ve got a wide variety of superhero-themed coloring pages, including Guardians of the Galaxy. They’ve also got some unusual coloring pages I haven’t seen anywhere else, like colorable door hangers for kids (pro-tip: print them on stiff card stock) and a really neat app that let’s your create your own coloring page. Here’s a Star Wars themed coloring page I build using it:

DIY Star Wars coloring page from Hello Kids


If you can get past the archaic site design, PapaJan has some decent free coloring pages, including a vehicles section with cars, boats, planes, and trains. They also have a small section with some silly, weird monster coloring pages.

Monster coloring page from PapaJan


Super Coloring

Super Coloring has one of the largest collections of free printable pages to color I’ve seen. Their “Mammals” section alone contains 3000+ pages and features all sorts of animals — perfect after a visit to the zoo! Super Coloring is also the first site I’ve seen to feature non-Christian religious coloring pages. Check out their collections of Buddhist coloring pages, Hindu coloring pages, and Islamic coloring pages. They’ve even got sections on famous historical composers and explorers. You really just have to explore it a bit and see everything they have to offer.

Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and his Vostok spacecraft from Super Coloring

Their site design is a little hard on the eyes, but has a big collection of character- and franchise-themed coloring pages that’s quite a bit more diverse than what I’ve seen from the sites above. They’ve got everything from Backyardigans to Caillou to Hotel Transylvania. If your little artist is hooked on a particular show or movie and you’re having trouble finding coloring pages for them, check this site and there’s a good chance they’ll have it. They had Masha and the Bear and Paw Patrol coloring pages, two series that Baby and Monster are totally in love with.

Masha and the Bear coloring page from

Doodle Art Alley

Doodle Art Alley has some really unique coloring pages you won’t see anywhere else, including a collection of Chinese characters and some really whimsical robots. They also have a great collection of days of the week, months of the year, and colorable calendars that can be a big help when your little one is learning. The author’s sister-site, Classroom Doodles, has a whole collection of all 50 United States, great for those long roadtrips.

April month coloring page from Doodle Art Alley


56 more free coloring page collections

The sites above are only a handful of the great resources for free printable coloring pages. Here’s some more:

  1. Dawn Nicole Designs has printable bookmarks your readers can color and customize.
  2. Trail of Colors has a lot of beautiful seasonal coloring pages.
  3. Shrimp Salad Circus has some unique hand-drawn coloring pages, like gemstones and umbrellas.
  4. has pirates, insects, and Minecraft coloring pages.
  5. Crafterhours has sewing-themed coloring pages.
  6. Dabbles & Babbles has houses, bugs & butterflies, monsters, and robots to color.
  7. S. Mac’s Place to Be has pixies, mermaids, fairies, elves, unicorns and more fantasy coloring pages.
  8. Only Coloring Pages has a big Frozen collection, plus many more free coloring pages.
  9. Everything Etsy has a huge post linking to Star Wars printable coloring pages.
  10. Children’s author Jan Brett has a nice collection of printables, including coloring pages themed around her signature hedgehogs.
  11. Super Simple has a lot of great vocabulary word coloring pages.
  12. Draw So Cute has a collection of coloring sheets with their particular brand of big-eyed characters.
  13. Made By Joel has a great set of free coloring sheets in a unique style.
  14. Rodale Wellness has a small, but cute collection: corgi treats and hot air balloons.
  15. has cryptids, Greek mythology, and even hip-hop stars in their collection.
  16. ReallyColor has a tool that lets you upload a photo and convert it into a coloring page. Your mileage may vary, though — some photos don’t convert very well.
  17. Color Our Collections is a museum-led coloring book campaign where museums around the world create free printable coloring books based on the artwork in their collections.
  18. has printable coloring pages for all of their major series, including Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  19. Raising Our Kids has a nice preschool collection. I did some duplicates from some of the sites featured above, though.
  20. Primary Games has Earth Day, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan coloring pages.
  21. Hattifant has some really neat foldable 3D coloring projects.
  22. The Little Lady Bird has this scary Donald Trump coloring page. I guess it could double as a zombie for Halloween?
  23. Nature Play Art has a neat collection of cute insect and animal characters to print and color.
  24. My Free Colouring Pages has dragons, dentists, and rocketry-themed coloring pages.
  25. The Shabby Creek Cottage has a big post collecting 101+ adult coloring books and printable pages.
  26. Whimsy Tails has a couple of mermaid coloring pages.
  27. Soulflower has some beautiful realistic flower coloring pages based on real flowers like lavender and chamomile.
  28. Art For Kids Hub has a cool collection of 10 insect-themed coloring pages to teach kids about symmetry — each page only shows half the image, and prompts kids to draw the other matching half of the insect.
  29. Thomas & Friends has printable coloring pages featuring all of the Thomas the Tank Engine characters.
  30. Honest to Nod has printable paper crowns to color, along with many more free coloring pages.
  31. Coloring Squared has a neat twist on color-by-number coloring pages. Kids have to solve math problems — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to find out what number to color each cell and reveal a picture. Great for math practice!
  32. Huffington Post has a collection of girl power coloring pages, featuring inspiring women both historical and modern, figures like Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, and Jane Goodall.
  33. Twisty Noodle has a collection that combines coloring pages with writing practice.
  34. Jade Summer offers a free coloring book in exchange for an email subscription.
  35. has some free coloring pages on unique topics, such as children’s rights, emotions, and hobbies.
  36. USA Printables has coloring pages to teach kids about United States places and historical events.
  37. Learning Links from the University of Texas at El Paso has some great Native American coloring pages inspired by archaeological finds.
  38. QuiverVision has free coloring pages combined with an augmented reality app — once your child colors the page, they can use the app to see it come alive on their tablet!
  39. Squishy Cute Designs has free holiday-themed coloring pages.
  40. The Butterfly Site has butterfly-themed coloring sheets, including a fun one about the butterfly life cycle.
  41. Artist Annie Troe has several pages to print.
  42. Children’s book author Shelley Admont has coloring pages based on her books.
  43. Elizabeth Dulemba has been creating coloring pages for children for over ten years. She has a huge collection of freebie coloring pages.
  44. The OrganWise Guys have a big collection of coloring pages to teach kids about healthy eating and meal planning, along with other kid situations like peer pressure, honesty, and anxiety.
  45. Fossil Facts and Finds has several fossil-themed coloring pages.
  46. DIY wedding blog Something Turquoise has wedding-themed coloring pages.
  47. Kinder Art has coloring pages to teach your little artist color theory, among other topics.
  48. The Cornell Lab Publishing Group has a realistic collection of America’s Favorite Birds coloring pages.
  49. Kidloland has a collection of educational coloring pages to teach toddlers and preschoolers letters and words.
  50. Mercer Meyer’s Little Critters children’s book series has a bunch of free coloring sheets.
  51. Saint Anne’s Helper has Catholic-inspired coloring pages.
  52. Learning Liftoff has a set of informational coloring pages based on the mascots of each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  53. has a big collection of printable coloring and activity pages. Their collection is sortable by grade, so you can easily find something suitable to your child’s level.
  54. BabyTV has a big collection of printable coloring pages. Some of their pages require you to be a site member to access, but most of them don’t.
  55. Sakura of America has a diverse collection that includes scientific animal illustrations by Sean Edgerton and fantastical illustrations by other artists.
  56. Children’s musician Hap Palmer has a collection of coloring pages that correspond with his songs.

Know any more?

What are your favorite resources for free coloring pages for kids? Tell me about it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.


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