A Week In the Redhead House

It’s been a busy week! Angela’s work schedule has been wonky, and the kids were out of school for two days due to ice and snow, so I’ve spent a lot of time wrangling preschoolers.

Awards and Nominations

Liebster award badge

Over the week, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by LilMommaCrafts. It’s functionally similar to the Sunshine Blogger Award  I was nominated for recently, so I won’t devote a new post to it, but a big thanks to LilMommaCrafts!

I also woke up this morning to find that I’d been listed as The Modern Father’s first featured Blogger of the Week.

Angela and I have been blown away by the response to this blog. I didn’t quite expect we’d attract so many followers and readers and meet so many great people in our first week. A big thank you to everyone who reads our blog and interacts with us!

We’ve passed every goal we’ve set for this month, except Pinterest followers. As of this writing, we need just 12 more followers on Pinterest to hit our goal. Help us out!


Yummy Porkchops

I love cooking for my family, but it’s sometimes tricky finding things the girls will eat. Dealing with picky preschooler eating habits isn’t anything new to us. I had planned on making chicken tenders for dinner Tuesday night, but Angela and I got mixed up and she’d put pork chops down to thaw, so I just improvised. I threw together a tasty marinade and let the pork chops soak in it all day. Angela had to work that night, so it was just me at the kids at dinner time.

Monster helped me mix up the marinade. Here’s what we used:

  • Soy sauce
  • A tablespoon of olive oil
  • Garlic powder
  • Black pepper
  • A little cumin
  • A half teaspoon of sugar
  • The juice of one orange
  • Salt (in retrospect, I’d leave this out — the soy sauce was salty enough)

I pan-seared the pork chops (4 minutes each side, then let them rest in the covered pan for 10 minutes), and diced the girls’ meat into small chunks. Dinner was served with Velveeta shells and cheese and a salad. I mostly expected the girls to eat their shells and salad and not touch the meat, but the porkchops were a huge hit.

Monster ate all of hers and told me it was “So good!” Bubba went back for seconds. Baby, the pickiest eater, asked how many bites of her porkchop she needed to take. I told her to eat three bites, but once she tried it, she ended up eating the whole thing.

Snow Days and Icicles

We got some snow late Tuesday night. Snow is somewhat rare down here, so it’s always a momentous occasion when it does. Along with the snow came a LOT of ice. All of the local schools closed just to be safe.

Bubba took the girls out to play in the snow Wednesday morning, so Angela and I got to sleep in for a bit before two very excited girls came tumbling back into the bedroom to wake us up with icy-cold tiny fingers.

That afternoon, the weather had warmed up enough to melt some of the ice, leaving long icicles hanging off the cars. I broke some off the cars for the girls to hold and see, and my mother sent us this great pic of icicles hanging off her roof.

So Much For Adventurous Eating

I guess we exhausted our adventurous eating points on Tuesday, because both girls threw big broccoli-induced tantrums Wednesday night. We tried all of our usual tricks to encourage the girls to eat, even reminding them that they wanted to watch TV and get My Little Pony temporary tattoos before bed, but nothing worked.

We ended up putting them down to bed early. Baby conked out fairly early, but I had to put Monster back to bed twice. Despite much crying and wailing and sniffling and whining, things finally settled down.

The girls take up so much time and attention that I often feel like Bubba gets overlooked. Since we had a free evening, we decided to break out the board games and play Clue with him. Bubba had never played, and Angela and I hadn’t played in  years. It took us a few rounds to figure out how to play, and I discovered that when I’d played with my brother and dad as a kid, they were cheating and not telling me. We had a lot of good laughs.

The board game Clue

She Wanted To Be An Eh-heh-phant

Mid-way through our second game of Clue, Monster started crying again from the bedroom, and I heard the bedroom door open, but she never came out. I got up to investigate.

I found a very upset Monster crying behind the bedroom door. Across the room, the CPAP machine I use for my sleep apnea was blowing full blast, the mask knocked to the floor. For those that don’t know, a CPAP is a machine that blows air along a long hose into a silicon mask covering your nose or mouth. The air pressure helps keep your airway open at night, preventing snoring and improving sleep.

The girls were curious about my CPAP a few weeks ago, so I put it on to show them how it works. They thought the long hose made me look like an elephant and got a lot of giggles about it. I didn’t remember it until later, but Monster had asked me to make elephant noises when she and Baby came back in from playing in the snow.

Monster wouldn’t let me pick her up until I turned the CPAP machine off, and when I finally got her calmed enough to tell me what happened, she told me she wanted “to be an eh-heh-phant” but it hurt her ears.

The best I can figure, she got up and put on the mask. My CPAP has a function where it will automatically switch on when you breathe through it. I think it switched on, and the sudden pressure change made her ears pop — it’s designed for a 345lb man, not a tiny 3 year old girl.

Singing Monster to sleep when she’s upset has become our go-to, so I held her and sang a silly little song until she finally settled down enough to fall asleep.

Honey-Dos And Helpful Girls

Angela had to work in the morning, so I spent Thursday morning doing little jobs around the house. Replacing lightbulbs, dealing with a stubborn tub drain, cleaning out the microwave, cleaning the ceiling fans.

Baby and Monster were underfoot the whole way. They’re so desperate to be helpful in any way possible, even with tasks that I don’t need help with.

Big important tasks like OPENING THE MICROWAVE DOOR and HELPING ME PUT MY SHOE ON and HOLD THE PAPER TOWEL. Thankfully, they got bored with helping before too long and played in the living room with puzzles and Monster’s old Halloween witch costume.

I promised them that if they behaved all day, I’d give them the temporary tattoos they’d missed out on the night before, so after lunch, Monster got an Applejack tattoo and Baby got one of Rainbow Dash.

I had to leave before Angela got home, but I left her a note telling her about the day. This weekend is a big moment — I’m bringing Angela to meet my folks for the first time. We’re both a little excited and nervous for that.

How Was Your Week?

How about your family? How was your week? Tell us about it in the comments.


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